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virna lisi

Virna Lisi
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Virna Lisi
Birth name Virna Lisa Pieralisi
Born September 8, 1937 (1937-09-08) (age 70)
Ancona, Marches, Italy
Occupation Actress
Years active 1953-2007
Virna Lisi (b September 8, 1937) is a Cannes and César awards-winning Italian film actress.

[edit] Life and career
She was born in Ancona, Marche, as Virna Lisa Pieralisi. Lisi began her film career in her teens, in 1953. Cast more for her stunning looks than her talent, her early films included La Donna del Giorno (1956), Eva (1962), and the Italian-made spectacle Romolo e Remo (1961).

The pert and sexy star also made a decorative dent in Hollywood comedy as a tempting blue-eyed blonde starring opposite Jack Lemmon in How to Murder Your Wife (1965), and appearing with Tony Curtis in Not with My Wife, You Don't! (1966). Confined to glamour roles, she returned to Europe within a few years, but fared little better in such mediocre movies as Arabella (1967). In Europe she starred in films such as La Ragazza e il Generale, co-starring with Rod Steiger, and two films with Anthony Quinn, The Secret of Santa Vittoria, directed by Stanley Kramer, and the war drama The 25th Hour.

In later decades, however, a career renaissance occurred for Virna. She began to be perceived as more than just a tasty dish, giving a wide variety of mature, award-winning performances. It all culminated in the role of a lifetime with the film La Reine Margot (1994), in which she played a marvelously malevolent Catherine de' Medici and won both the César and Cannes Film Festival awards, along with the David di Donatello award, the Italian equivalent of the Oscar.

Virna in The Secret of Santa Vittoria, one of her european films in the sixties.
[edit] Trivia
Alternated filming activity with television and stage acting, namely at Piccolo Teatro di Milano, where she performed in I giacobini by Federico Zardi, under the direction of Giorgio Strehler.
She was one of the stars launched as a successor to Marilyn Monroe in the United States, in the late 1960s.
The 1980s Argentinian band Sumo (led by Luca Prodan), made a song for her. The singer's brother is the actor Andrea Prodán, who appeared with her in the movie I ragazzi di via Panisperna (1988).
Lisi was cast in the title role in Barbarella (1968), but turned it down and returned to Italy.
Lisi's height was 5"5.
Brazil has a rock band, Virna Lisi, named after her.

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ANGEL IN THE FAMILY (2004) Ronny Cox, Tracey Needham. A deceased woman returns to spend Christmas with her family. (CC) (120 min.) (HALL: Wed 10 pm)

ANNA KARENINA *** (1935) Greta Garbo, Fredric March. Tolstoy's story of a married Russian woman's blind passion. 'NR' (CC) (105 min.) (TCM: Fri 9 pm)

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THE ARISTOCATS *** (1970) Voices of Phil Harris, Eva Gabor. Animated. A Parisian cat and her kittens inherit a fortune. 'G' (90 min.) (DISN: Mon 9:30 am)

ARIZONA SUMMER (2003) Gemini Barnett, Lee Majors. Youngsters make friends and cause mischief at a summer camp. 'PG' LA (CC) (115 min.) (TMC: Tue 3:35 pm)

ARLINGTON ROAD *** (1999) Jeff Bridges, Tim Robbins. A professor learns his new neighbors have a sinister agenda. 'R' LV (CC) (120 min.) (HBO: Mon 4 am)

ARMAGEDDON * (1998) Bruce Willis, Billy Bob Thornton. A hero tries to save Earth from an asteroid. 'PG-13' LAV (180 min.) (FX: Tue 6 pm, Wed 9 am)

ASK THE DUST ** (2006) Colin Farrell, Salma Hayek. A Mexican waitress and a writer meet in 1930s Los Angeles. 'R' LAN (120 min.) (SHOW: Sun 2 am, Wed 12:30 am)

ASSISTED LIVING *** (2003) Michael Bonsignore, Maggie Riley. An Alzheimer's patient believes a caretaker is her son. 'R' A (CC) (90 min.) (SUND: Thu 10:15 am)

ASYLUM ** (2005) Natasha Richardson, Ian McKellen. An asylum inmate and an administrator's wife have an affair. 'R' LASV (CC) (105 min.) (TMC: Tue 12:15 am)

ATL ** (2006) Tip "T.I." Harris, Lauren London. Four Atlanta teens face challenges. 'PG-13' LAV (CC) (120 min.) (MAX: Wed 7 pm)

L'AUBERGE ESPAGNOLE *** (2002) Romain Duris, Judith Godreche. An economics student takes classes in Barcelona, Spain. 'R' LAN (CC) (130 min.) (IFC: Sat 12:15 pm)

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