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tiffany dupont

Actress Tiffany Dupont has allegedly claimed she had sex with Tom Cruise and George Clooney this year. Dupont, who is known for her role in 'One Night with the King,' sent and e-mail to Perez Hilton claiming she slept with both men to boost her career.

"I want to let you know a little secret that I don't care to keep anymore. I actually slept with Tom Cruise and George Clooney. I had sex with both of them this past year," says Dupont in her e-mail. "The way I did it was that I actually offered myself to them when I got a chance to meet them hoping that would boost my acting career."

Cruise is happily married to actress Katie Holmes, and Clooney is currently dating Sarah Larson.

sound like the perfect title for an Elvis movie, but don't be fooled - One Night with the King is actually a Bible story. And no, it's not the King as in the Lord Above, but King Xerxes of Persia whom we're to spend the night with.

But don't get excited. Despite King Xerxes's well-defined chest and rippling abs, there's absolutely no hint of hanky-panky here. This may be the most chaste love story ever filmed, and surprisingly dull for the raunchy old testament.

This is a different King Xerxes to the rather effete one in the ab-tastic Spartan epic 300, although both buff, bling-wearing kings share a fondness for too much eyeliner.

We begin cheerily enough with the mass slaughter of a child-sacrificing cult the Agagites, as ordered by
the Prophet Samuel (Peter O'Toole in a tiny role), which sparks a long-burning thirst for vengeance five centuries later in the form of Haman the Agagite (played with uber-intensity by Battlestar Galactica's James Callis, better known as Bridget Jones's gay friend).

Our heroine, Hadassah/Esther (Tiffany Dupont), is a Jewish orphan growing up in Suza with her uncle Mordecai (John Rhys-Davies, who also narrates in his gorgeous honeyed-gravel tones).

Hadassah/Esther longs to travel to the Promised Land but suddenly the King is in urgent need of a more biddable wife than his current rabble-rousing, anti-war spouse Queen Vashti.

Naturally, King Xerxes (signer-turned-actor Luke Goss) has all the eligible women of Persia rounded up for an early version of the reality show The Bachelor. The eligible women get to spend one night with the King, which seems a good deal for the King, if no-one else.

Meanwhile, Esther befriends the enormous and strangely deep-voiced royal eunuch Hegai (former pro-wrestler Tommy 'Tiny' Lister) who, a bit like a fairy godmother, coaches her in how to attract the attention of the king.

Elsewhere in the palace, Prince Admantha (John Noble) plots with Haman, the Agagite, but is double-crossed. Omar Sharif also pops up as King Xerxes' trusted general Prince Memucan, and shows he can still swing a sword about.

According to the Internet Movie Database, the book of Esther on which this film is based is one of two books in the Bible that does not mention God. The closest it comes is when Mordecai says to Esther, "We will pray for you".

It seems an odd choice for a didactic religious film. The lesson is made murky and Esther is a hard woman to relate to - by turns ditzy and petrified - especially with her odd lisp and jarring American accent thrown in among the Brits; Goss, Rhys-Davies and Callis. Esther seems peer-pressured to be brave and risk her life to save her people, rather than galvanised by her faith in God.

All the actors are called on to emote with all their might, so it's haphazardly entertaining
Tiffany Dupont
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Tiffany Dupont (born March 22, 1981) is an actress, known for playing the lead character, Hadassah, a Jewish girl, who will become the Biblical Esther, Queen of Persia, in the Hollywood film One Night with the King. She is currently starring on the ABC Family Channel series Greek.

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2 Early Years
3 Sex Scandal
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[edit] Filmography
He's Such a Girl (2007)
Greek (2007)
The Bedford Diaries (2006)
One Night with the King (2006)
The Work and the Glory (2004)
Grounded for Life, episode "My Ex-Boyfriend's Back" (2004)
Joan of Arcadia, episode "The Fire and the Wood" (2003)
Yes, Dear, episode "Sammy's Independence Day" (2002)

[edit] Early Years
Tiffany grew up in Burke, VA, attending high school at Lake Braddock Secondary. While in school, she was active in orchestra, various athletics, as well as high school theatre. She is a graduate of the University of Georgia, and also served as Miss University of Georgia during her junior year. While attending the University of Georgia, Tiffany (violin) was an original member of The Dave Matthews Cover Band, a nationally touring tribute act.

[edit] Sex Scandal
On November 25, 2007, someone sent an e-mail to Perez Hilton claiming to be Tiffany Dupont, stating that she had slept with both Tom Cruise and George Clooney within the past year, in an effort to boost her career. However, this email was later deemed to be fictitious.


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