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crystal bernard

Holiday specials on TV
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Noon (HALL) "Murder, She Wrote" Christmas blackmail.

1 p.m. (HALL) "One Magic Christmas" An angel restores hope to a woman (Mary Steenburgen).

2 p.m. (FAM) "The Christmas Secret" A zoologist (Richard Thomas) investigates flying reindeer.

3 p.m. (HALL) "A Carol Christmas" Trash TV host (Tori Spelling) changes her way.

4 p.m. (FAM) "Three Days" An man gets to spend Christmas with his late wife (Kristin Davis).

5 p.m. (Ch. 48) "Rick Steves' European Christmas"

5 p.m. (HALL) "Single Santa Seeks Mrs. Claus" Santa's heir (Steve Guttenberg) woos a widow.

6 p.m. (FAM) "Christmas Do-Over" A man (Jay Mohr) relives Christmas again and again.

7 p.m. (HALL) "Meet the Santas" A couple (Steve Guttenberg, Crystal Bernard) marry on Christmas Eve.

7 p.m. (USA) "Elf" An elf (Will Ferrell) searches for his family.

8 p.m. (AMC) "Santa Claus: The Movie" An elf (Dudley Moore) saves Christmas.

8 p.m. (FAM) "Christmas Caper" A thief (Shannen Doherty) plots her next scheme while baby-sitting.

8 p.m. (FX) "Christmas With the Kranks" A couple (Tim Allen, Jamie Lee Curtis) celebrate Christmas.

8 p.m. (TNT) "A Christmas Story" A boy (Peter Billingsley) wants a BB gun for Christmas.

9 p.m. (HALL) "A Boyfriend for Christmas" A lonely woman (Kelli Williams) finds love.

9 p.m. (USA) "Elf" An elf (Will Ferrell) searches for his family.

9:45 p.m. (TNT) "A Christmas Story" A boy (Peter Billingsley) wants a BB gun for Christmas.

10 p.m. (AMC) "A Christmas Carol" George C. Scott as Scrooge.

10 p.m. (FAM) "Christmas Caper" A thief (Shannen Doherty) plots her next scheme while baby-sitting.


7 p.m. (FAM) "A Mom for Christmas" A mannequin (Olivia Newton-John) comes to life in a film shot in Cincinnati in 1990.

8 p.m. (DISN) "The Santa Clause" A divorced father (Tim Allen) becomes Santa.

9 p.m. (FOOD) "All Star Holiday Spirit" Recipes.

9 p.m. (HALL) "What I Did for Love" A lawyer (Jeremy London) brings his fiancée home for Christmas.


8 p.m. (Ch. 9) "A Charlie Brown Christmas" Charlie Brown searches for the meaning of Christmas.

9 p.m. (FAM) "Prancer" An injured reindeer brings hope to a child.

9 p.m. (FOOD) "All Star Holiday Party" Recipes.

9 p.m. (HALL) "The Christmas Gift" Everyone in a Colorado town believes in Santa Claus.

9 p.m. (HBO) "The Nativity Story" Mary (Keisha Castle-Hughes) gives birth to Jesus.


8 p.m. (Ch. 5) "Christmas in Rockefeller Center" with Carrie Underwood, Celine Dion and Josh Groban.

8 p.m. (Ch. 9) "Shrek the Halls" Ogre's Christmas.

8 p.m. (DISN) "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Halloween king Jack tries to spoil Christmas.

8:30 p.m. (Ch. 9) "Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas" Boris Karloff narrates

9 p.m. (FAM) "The Christmas List" A store clerk (Mimi Rogers) gets everything on her wish list.

9 p.m. (FOOD) "All Star Holiday Gifts"

9 p.m. (WGN) "Feed the Children Holiday Special."

Crystal Bernard
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Crystal Bernard

Bernard at the 1991 Emmy Awards.
Born September 30, 1961 (1961-09-30) (age 46)
Garland, Texas
Crystal Bernard (born September 30, 1961) is an American actress and singer, most widely known for her seven-year-long role on the situation comedy Wings.

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2 Career
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[edit] Early life
Bernard was born in Garland, Texas. She became an amateur entertainer at a young age, singing gospel songs with her older sister Robyn Bernard. One recording of the two that has survived from those years is a song called "The Monkey Song" (an objection to evolution) on Feuding' Fussin' and Frettin'[1], a recording of a 1972 Thomas Road Baptist Church service led by Jerry Falwell.

Bernard developed her acting and performing abilities at Alley Theatre while growing up in Houston, Texas. She continued her education at Baylor University where she studied acting and international relations.[2]

[edit] Career

[edit] Television
She got her start in primetime television on the long-running sitcom Happy Days, playing K.C. Cunningham during the show's penultimate season. After various guest appearances on television, she joined the cast of the resurrected syndicated version of the sitcom It's a Living. But she is best known for her role as strong-willed airport lunch-counter operator Helen Chappel Hackett on the sitcom Wings, a role she played for the show's duration (1990-1997).

[edit] Film
Early in her film career she appeared in Young Doctors in Love. She starred in the Roger Corman-produced direct-to-video film Slumber Party Massacre 2.

During the 21st century, her work includes a role in the Independent Spirit Award-winning film Jackpot and a starring role in a religious family film called Welcome to Paradise.

[edit] Theatre
Bernard has appeared several times in major stage productions since the end of Wings:

In 1999, she was in a Los Angeles production of Crimes of the Heart;
In 2001, she was the final in a series of actresses playing Annie Oakley in a 1999 Marquis Theatre revival of Annie Get Your Gun in 2001[3], and
In 2005, was in the West Coast premiere of Barbra's Wedding, starring opposite actor/playwright Daniel Stern in a production staged at Falcon Theatre in Burbank, California.[4]

[edit] Music
In addition to acting, Bernard has a music career as a singer-songwriter. Albums include The Girl Next Door (1996) and Don't Touch Me There (1999). The latter includes a gospel track she recorded with her father, and one sung with country artist Billy Dean.

Bernard did a duet with Peter Cetera called "(I Wanna Take) Forever Tonight", released on Cetera's One Clear Voice album.

[edit] References


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