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how long to cook a turkey

How Long To Cook a Thanksgiving Turkey Dinner
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2vote A little Thanksgiving humor, brought to you by the 2nd graders at the elementary school in regard to Turkey cooking time and how long to cook a Thanksgiving Turkey.

When asked how to prepare a turkey dinner, a class of 2nd graders provided the following strategies:

- Get a turkey from the store. Put it in the microwave. Cook it for four minutes. Feel it to see if it's hot or cold. Have potatoes. Put them in the oven for a little bit, like 3 minutes. Have those crunchy sticks filled with chocolate for dessert. Have some drinks, like milk and water. That's a lot of stuff.

- First you go and buy the turkey from the store. Put it in the oven. Set the oven at 400 degrees. Cook it for an hour. Make mashed potatoes. To make gravy, put the mix and some water in a pan. Have sparkling cider. Set the table with plates, napkins and silverware.

- Stuff the turkey with stuffing. Stuffing is made of green onions and small pieces of potatoes, and some green stuff. Green pepper, maybe? That's pretty much how my mom makes the stuffing. Put it in the stove for at least four or five minutes. Make mashed potatoes with gravy, biscuits, and this dessert. I think it's called crab cake. We usually have Sprite for soda, but my sisters like orange Kool-Aid.

- Make mashed potatoes and rolls. Put the turkey in an oven. Set it at nine degrees. It takes like half an hour to cook. Make more food, like hot dogs and sausage. Get a tablecloth and set the table. Have cherry pie for dessert. That's MY favorite dessert.

- Put it in the oven. Leave it sit for awhile, like 20 minutes. The oven should be at 15 degrees. Make mashed potatoes, rice, and chicken. Have water to drink. Decorate your house with Thanksgiving lights. Maybe you could have pop to drink.

- Hunt the turkey, or buy it. Put it in water. Put some lemons in it. Take it out. Dry it (of course). Grill it in the stove for half an hour on "Medium." Put the stuffing in it. Make it out of rice and Russian meat. Put some Russian mayonnaise on it. Put it in the turkey. Put it on the plate and put it on the table. Have some pyrogies and potatoes. Have cake for dessert. And ice cream. Decorate your house with turkeys.

- You need to go get the turkey at the store. Stuff it with stuffing. If you don't have stuffing, use potatoes. Have some fruit and vegetables, like broccoli, cauliflower, celery and carrots. Lettuce, too. You should have some meat, like roast beef, steak and salt horse. Have something to drink, like water and wine. Beer, too. Put some candles up.

- Put the turkey in a pan. Turn the stove on kind of in the middle, like 20 degrees. Start cooking the turkey. Cook it for five minutes. Make stuffing, and pumpkin pie. Make the stuffing out of tomatoes. Make Jell-O. You should put chocolate chips in the pumpkin pie. Put whipped cream on it.

- Go to a store to find a turkey. Put it in a pan and cook it up for thirty or four minutes. Set the oven at "Hot-Hot." Make stuffing. Get some rice and get some meat and mix it up. Make a roast. It's easy. Get some potatoes, carrots and put the roast in the middle. Have a smoothie for dessert. Get a cornucopia for the center of the table. Decorate your chairs with ribbons.

- Cook it on the stove. Heat the stove up so the turkey can cook. Heat it up to 20 degrees. It takes 20 minutes. Get the mashed potatoes ready. Cook the gravy for it. It's made from salt, water and brown dye. Have cranberries, sweet mashed potatoes, and some biscuits. Have pumpkin pie for dessert. Be sure to have some butter for the biscuits.

- You should go to Safeway to get a turkey. Cook it on the stove. Turn it on to really, really hot, like 50 degrees. It takes three and a half hours to cook. Make something to eat with it, like green bean casserole and mashed potatoes.

- Okay. Put it in the oven for about half an hour. Set the oven on "Medium." If that doesn't work out, try "Low." Make cranberry sauce. Take a piece of turkey and dunk it in cranberry sauce. It tastes really good. Make mashed potatoes and gravy. Gravy is made out of salt and powder. Mix them both together and put a lot of hot water in them. Put it on the stove for about 5-20 minutes. The setting is on "Low." It's been a long time since I made a turkey dinner. The pie that my family loves is cranberry pie. Take the cranberries. Take that thing that you mash potatoes. Be sure to wash it first, of course. Mash them until they're a liquid. Let them sit for a little while in the fridge, until they're semi-cold. Make the dough. Take it and put it in a pie-shaped pan. Take the cranberry sauce out and pour it in until it's semi-full. Do some more dough on top and pop it in the oven for an hour. Set it on "Medium." Drinks. My family loves pop and apple juice. We make that ourselves. Take some apples. Take the stem out. Smash the apples. Let it sit in the fridge to make it semi-cold, like the cranberries. Pour the juice into the bowl. Put a couple of doses of sugar in. Mix them all together. Sip it. When it tastes really sweet, make a couple of jugs of it. We like biscuits, too. If it doesn't work out, it's because I haven't made dinner in a long time.

- You need to get a turkey. Cook it in the oven for 13 minutes. Cook mashed potatoes and salad. Dust some things before the company comes over, and put some flowers on the table. - Find a turkey in the forest. Shoot it. Bake it for half an hour. Make corn, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. It's made out of bread and vegetables. Set the table. Have pumpkin pie and ice cream for dessert.

- You can buy a turkey or you can hunt for a turkey. Put stuffing in it. Stuffing is cotton balls. It's squishy. You can put it in the oven. Set the oven at 20 degrees. Cook it for half an hour. Make mashed potatoes, rice, and rolls. You can set up the table. Put all the dishes on the table so they're all ready. Take the turkey out of the oven. It's done when it's white-brown and dark brown. Taste it and see if it's delicious.

- Buy a turkey. Go home and cook it for a minimum of 10 minutes. The oven should be… not that cold. Put the stove on "Hot," about 10 degrees Fahrenheit. Make potatoes, gravy and corn. When you cook it, don't put it on "Boiling Hot."

- You should find a turkey at a farm. Kill it, and skin it. Cut all the fat off of it. Slice it up, and then you can eat it. But first you have to warm it up. Warm it up in the microwave for about one minute. Make the table and take the turkey out. Make the sauce to go on it… gravy! Have buns frosted with icing. Maybe make some beans and corn, too.

- Go buy a turkey at the store. Pay for it. Take it home and put it in the oven. But first make a hole in it and get out all the yucky blood. Put the stuff that you eat in the hole. It's made with bread. The colors can be green or yellow or brown. Stuffing! Put it in the oven for an hour or four hours. Set it at 6 degrees. When it's done and it beeps, take it out. Let it cool. You should make turnips, mashed potatoes, and gravy. Gravy is made out of cinnamon. Have pumpkin pie or apple pie. Have apple cider to drink. - Source:
How to cook a turkey?

Students in Mrs. Parham's Kindergarten Class at Sallie Cone Elementary explain how to cook a Thanksgiving turkey.

Austin: You have to hunt it down and kill it before you eat it. Then you bring it home. You have to pull the stuff out of it first, the stuff that was in it. Salt goes on it before you cook it. Pepper. Seasoning. Icing! Turkey icing it has stuff that makes it good, not sure what though. You, oh, you put a needle in it to cook and you tie it up. You can cook it in the stove. The temperature has to be 30 for, probably, 40 seconds. Take it out of the oven. Put some more salt and pepper on it. It will be shiny. Some turkeys can be brown, that's a good thing but they are cool and have to be warmed up. Some can be white and that's good too, these are kind of warm. Some can be black, those are kind of hot. I'd put some vanilla icing and some chocolate icing on it before I start eating it!

Bryce: Hmmmm Sometimes I put cheese on mine. Yeah, I put cheese! What else? Sometimes you can put like seasoning on it and stuff on it. I'm not sure about how long you cook it well, either 5 hours or 4 hours. And, in the oven, about 1 degree. You put it in the oven and you cut it. Sometimes you can roast it. We eat with my fork or bite it from fingers. I eat it at a table in the kitchen. There are kids and grown-ups that sit there. Sometimes I say the blessing; sometimes my Mom helps me say it. I don't remember ever being to Thanksgiving. Probably, it will be fun!

Mykayla: The first thing you need is a turkey! Salt and pepper go on it. You can cook it in the oven. Take the turkey out of the oven and salt and pepper on it again. When you do that then you can eat it! You taste it and that's all. We eat our dinner at home. My Mommy and Daddy, my sisters and my brother, they are all there!

Drake: You cook it in the pan. Let's see pepper and salt. You put that on there when it's too hot and it cools down your food. We can put on some, like, salt. You get it out of the cabinet. And we have a salt and pepper package in our cabinet. We use to put it outside to eat it. You cut it up and put it on the table. Just use plain dishes. When it's hot you need something to drink. My Mom goes to get me something to drink when the turkey is too hot. When we finish we get to go to the park and play in the park. Put it in the oven when you are ready to cook it. When it is done, the thing will beep and you know it's done. The oven has to be at 7, 30 degrees and you cook it for, until 10 o'clock. That's it.

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Breylin: My Grandma cooked one before. I was sitting down waiting for her to cook my food and to thank for the food. You have to put I don't know what it's called. Oh! You probably put barbeque sauce, some ketchup and mustard on it. Put it in the stove. Take it out. Then you have it all big and then rip it up into little bitty pieces. Then I eat it!
Dylan: Put salt on it, you shake it on. The skin, you put that on too. You have to put the bones in it too. Let's see what makes a turkey taste good? Sugar! That goes on it too. I like a little salt on it. You put the red stuff in, I know that. I don't know what it is but it tastes like salt, yeah, salt. I know what goes on it. Like, you need sun, it makes it shiny. My Daddy brings a chicken home and he cooks it and leaves it in the sun to shine it! You cook it for like, well, my Daddy cooks it for 5 minutes. The oven has to be 3 hot. That's real hot! Take it out of the oven and you eat it!

Myshell: I put seasoning on it and then I put it in the stove. That's when it bakes. I use hot seasoning, 'cause I like my meat hot. Inside the turkey I put bell peppers. Then I take it back out of the stove. This is when all my family eats it! Oh, we eat it with macaroni and cheese.

The end!

Jared: We don't eat turkey a lot. I put salt on it! We cut it up. Then we cook it. We put it in a pan and we put the pan in the stove. I think we cook it for, about, 10 minutes. The oven will be hot. There isn't a temperature. We just put it in there. Our turkey is shiny when we eat it. I think the sunshine makes it shiny because it's hot, so I think it's sweating and that makes it shiny. I don't know what else we eat it outside wherever I want to. My family is with me when I eat it. Oh, we get mashed potatoes and chicken too with it. And we get any kind of desert we want! I usually get a lot of corn dogs! That's my desert!

Josh B.: I tell you what; usually I'm always playing outside when my Mom is cooking it. So I don't really see what she is doing. Well, usually I go to my Papa and Granny's and my cousin comes over and we are doing something else! I would probably put some stuff on it to make it a little bit good. Stuff like I don't really know! Then I'd cut it. I would put salt on it. Well, grease. The grease makes it greasy, usually it's really greasy and that makes it slippery. That's part of what makes it taste good. You usually cook it for long time. Last week our grill was broke so we didn't grill anything. We got it fixed though. But we usually put it down in the oven. You leave it in the oven for, kind of, a little bit long but not too long. I usually do it at my Papa and Granny's. Well, we go on a walk before we eat it. We stay out for probably 1 hour and then come inside and eat it. I have that kind of corn that looks like it has a little bit of butter on it. Really though, I don't have desert with it. Sometimes I like the Thanksgiving turkey, but really only when it's greasy and good! Usually my Mom cooks everything and, well my Mom's always cooking on Monday's. She started first cooking and Daddy started second. Mommy's turkey is usually better!

Josh W.: Well, sometimes I, well, my Mom helps me. Basically, you put it in the oven and set it for 8. That's how I do it. Sometimes, I also do it it's easier to do it for 6. But usually I do it for 8 because it takes longer. You can do it for either one. You can use a lot of stuff on it. That's what Mom does. Sometimes, barbeque sauce makes it taste a little bit better. I like that! That's what we do, it's our secret. We put stuffing inside of it sometimes. The stuffing, we use, milk and I've got to start writing my recipes down because I'm forgetting! I know we use some seasoning on the top. We cut bread into little cubes and put that in the stuffing. That's how we do our turkeys. They do taste good. The oven has to be a little hot for 9 minutes. Then we put it on the table and eat.

Marisela: You need chickens to cook a turkey. I would make it with eggs. Toss the eggs around and my Mom says that makes the turkey sweet. Use sugar and chips too! Mix as this together and bake it. We put it on a tortilla. We also put some chicken in the microwave. Mix all this together and it makes the turkey bigger. We eat it with salad and ranch dressing. You have to cook the turkey for 5 days. I eat Thanksgiving with my family. We go to my sisters sometimes, she's a long way, and it's a long way to her house. We give to other people on Thanksgiving because you just do!

Meredith: I don't know how! Hmmmm, I would put some salt on it, some pepper, some bread, some sausage and some fish. That all goes on top of the turkey. It needs some sour patch kids on the bread. That's how my Mom makes a turkey! Then you put macaroni and cheese on top of it. I like popsicle tooI'm going to make a turkey sandwich and that's the nose. You can eat some Cheez-its with it too. It's okay if you cook it now. You cook it in the microwave and take it out. Leave it in the microwave to cook for 3 hours. Take it out after 4 hours, get it out. We eat it at a picnic and when we are done we go to the park. That's a good Thanksgiving!

Michael: You put it in the oven. Then you leave it in there for a little bit and then you take it out. You get a plate out and your chair and you eat it! I put some, a little bit of salt on it. Then I put, well I just eat it! It's good! I put meat inside of it. It kind of taste like food. I put neckbones in it, I like those. I would put some chocolate in there too! It tastes like chocolate chips. Oh, put some candy in it. That's because I like candy in it! I just like candy! You can dip it in milk like a cookie. That makes it taste good too. You cook it in the oven for a little bit. The oven is real hot, it can burn you. Leave it in there for 5 hours. I take it out and cut it in half and pieces. We give the bones to the dog because he really likes those. We say thank you for everything and then Amen and you eat!

Nykiyaah: Cook it! I would put a dress on it and it would be a girl wait, no, not to cook it! On a turkey I would eat, um, I would put butter on it. My Momma puts a little bit of sugar on it because it is good sugar. More butter and little bitty stars. You try a piece of it after you get it out of the oven. My Momma tries it with a little sugar on it. I like ice cream so I would put it in it. You cook the turkey for 6 minutes and the oven has to be hot. Take it out and put some ice cream with it and eat it! It's really good! That's how I do it! Oh, I drink juice with it.

Sarah: You put eggs on it. Hmmmm, I'm thinkingI would like Oreos on it. I'm just making that up! Butter! That goes on it. I think I should put more butter. Nothing else goes on it. My sister loves to put barbeque sauce on it, and I do too! But not the hot kind, the other kind. That sauce is what makes it tastes so good. I think my Mom cooks it for 30 minutes I think. The oven has to be 0 degrees, that's cold butwell, that won't cook it. It has to be hot. Well, 100 degrees should work. Then take it out of the oven and that's pretty much all. That's when you eat it!

Jaylan: I put strawberries on it to make it good. Then I put cheese and some grapes on it. Everybody can eat the grapes off of it. Oh, and I put hot sauce in it. It makes it more flavored. Then you cook it. Put it in the oven and then take it out. Cook it for about 8 minutes, the oven has to be really hot. When you take it out you put it on the stove and cut it up. All you're going to do is put plates out. Everybody gets a plate and you give the turkey to people. Then everybody is going to eat it!

Jade: I put salt, butter, milk on it. The milk makes it tastes a little good. The makes it tastes better too. Nothing goes inside it, not really. Put it in the oven. It's in there for, maybe, 12 minutes. Make the oven a little hot. We go to the park and play for a few minutes. Me and Momma and Daddy all go. It's real fun, I play and laugh. When it's done we come back home. Then we cook it again. Then it's done. We sit down at the table then we just eat it!

Savannah: First you get the meat and then put seasoning on it. Seasonings like black pepper and with some 'ranish', it's some seasoning stuff. That all goes on top of the turkey. Inside you put, like, its bones. There's meat there. It all goes in the pot you put it on. Then you put it in the oven. You cook it about 20 minutes. The oven has to be hot, like as hot as hot Cheetos. That's a little spicy hot. Put it on 10 30 hot. Then you take it out and you eat it. You eat it all in the living room and watch television. We watch football. We say a blessing and eat. That's it!

Erika: I want turkey soup. You put eggs, salt and salad with it. Vegetables in it too. Stir the soup on top of the stove. It needs to be cold, that's how I like it! Oh, and hot dogs go in soup too. Then I eat ketchup with it, I like that too! Eat some bacon with it. Then, for desert, cookies. Chocolate cookies are good. Then, just eat it!

Destiny: Well, I'm thinking really hard It goes in the oven maybe. You can put salt on it when you want to. And cheese when you want to. Take the skin off the hot dog and put hot dogs inside the turkey. I put macaroni and cheese on top of it. Put, get the hot things off the pizza and put those, sprinkle those on the top to make it a pizza but it will still be a turkey though. Oh, and put some candy inside and that makes it real good. The candy makes it taste like watermelon! The oven has to be just a little hot. You cook it for one minute. Take it out and put the bubble gum inside it and that makes it be hot enough. Then put it back in the oven and cook it again for 6 minutes. Take it out and put it on the counter, cut it up in little pieces, put it on a platedon't put it on the table cause it will make it dirty so you put it on a plate. Then eat it! It tastes good! get in the car and go visit my family in Toledo, Ohio. Grandma gets the turkey. My grandma puts the turkey in the oven for 30 hours. Grandma makes corn, mashed potatoes, cake and to drink we have Kool-Aid. ?Kayla Aaron

You go to the farm and get a turkey. Papa and Dad clean the turkey. Then grandma cooks the turkey. She puts the turkey in a pan and puts it in the oven for 4 minutes. My grandma also makes macaroni and cheese. Then we eat. ?B> Sara Brindamour

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Posey's Senior Care Homes

We go to the store and get the turkey. Then my dad puts it on the stove for 21 hours. My dad cuts it, and puts it on a plate so we can eat it! We have mashed potatoes with it too. ?Angelia Burrows

We go to the store and get the turkey. We come home and my mom puts the turkey in the oven for 10 minutes. She puts the pickles on the table. My mom also makes mashed potatoes with milk. We dig into the turkey. Then we play games. And then I sleep on the couch with my dog. ?Semya Doxtator

My mom and dad get the turkey. Then mom stuffs the turkey with stuff. Then it goes into the oven at 21 degrees for 5o hours. We also get to have potatoes, cranberries, and cherry pie. And then we eat! We play games and I always win. ?Maria Gasparotto

I think we buy a turkey. Then my mom cooks the turkey at 800 degrees for 1 hour. Then I get to eat a leg of the turkey. Then I go to bed. ?Jace Gerlach

We go to my Grandma's house and she makes the turkey. She puts it in the oven for 1 hour on medium heat. We get to have mashed potatoes and gravy, fruit, and we get milk to drink. My whole family comes over to my Grandma's house. ?Casey Hett

My nana gets the turkey from Meijer's and takes it home. Then she puts it into a pot and cooks it for 20 minutes. Nana and I make mashed potatoes and corn. We decorate with turkeys and a tablecloth on the long table. Then we wait for some of our guests to come. Then we get to eat! ?Giselle Hickman

We go to the fruit market to get the turkey. My mom puts the turkey in the oven for 30 minutes, the oven is very hot! It is 80 degrees. We have mashed potatoes and green beans. And we have chicken with hot sauce and macaroni too. Everybody comes over for a party! ?Melonie James

You go shopping and get a turkey. You then take it home and cook it. You put it in the oven and cook it for 5 minutes and the oven is very hot! We also have a vegetable. Then we eat. ?Ryan Johnson

I get my turkey from a store. We take it home and put sugar, ketchup and chicken in it. Then we put it in the oven for 2 minutes. And then the smoke detector goes on. Then your take out the turkey and you cook the rest of the dinner. Then you eat! ?Kevin Lee

My Dad gets a real turkey. The he puts it in the oven. He cooks it for like 10 minutes. Then he takes out the turkey. Then he takes the butter and puts it on the turkey. The he puts the turkey on the table. Then we eat. ?Colin Lemere

You go outside and get your turkey. You cut it up. You put it on the grill and cook it until it's done. It just takes a few minutes. You then can make some french fries. We have milk. Then you eat dinner! Sometimes we eat outside. ?Mitchell Maxwell

My dad gets the turkey from my grandpa. Then my dad cooks it in the oven for about 1 hour. It is really, really hot. Then we get to make mashed potatoes, veggies, and bread. And then we get to have ice cream after dinner. We go to my aunt's house all the time. ?Emily Darnell

We go to the store and get the turkey. We take it home, and my mom put it in the oven and heats it up! When the stove beeps we take the turkey out and we start to eat it! We also get to have baked corn, chicken and steak and after dinner we get to have apple pie! And I play with my friends that are there. ?Madalynne Moore

You go to the market and get the turkey and stuffing. You take it home and start cooking it. You put it in the oven on very hot, and cook it for 5 minutes. Then we get to eat it! We also have mashed potatoes. We get cranberry sauce! My family eats together. ?Rachel Much

My mom buys a turkey. She takes it home and puts in the oven that is very hot. I don't know how long she cooks it. Then she makes some stuff so we can have dinner. Then we eat! ?Thomas Mulhall

We go to Wal-Mart and get a turkey. Then you take it home and cook it in the oven for 8 hours. We get to make mashed potatoes. We also have bread with butter and after dinner we get to have pumpkin pie! After dinner we cake and ice cream too. And fruit salad with raspberries. ?Kyle Samluk

We go to the store and get the turkey. We take it home and cook it! We put it into the oven for 20 minutes. We also have potatoes, carrots, bread and butter, cranberries and after dinner we have ice cream and cake. When everything is on the table we all sit down to eat! ?Alaina Sharkey

We get up in the morning and go to my Auntie's house for a very nice turkey dinner. ?Zy'Toria Snaden - Butler

We go to my grandma's house. She gets a turkey from Costco. My grandma puts stuffing inside the turkey, and then she puts the turkey in the oven for 25 minutes. We also have corn, butter potatoes, and pumpkin pie with whipped cream! I have 2 Grandmas that come. ?Sadie Storm

We go to a store and buy a turkey. We take it home and shove it into the oven for 12 minutes. We also have meat loaf with it. My sister makes potatoes and noodles. My mom makes stuffing, cranberries and apple pie! When the turkey is done we take it out and we all sit and eat. After dinner we make cards, kites and big paper people. ?Carson Swadling

My mom and dad cook the turkey. They put it in the oven and roast it. We also have potato salad, corn, and they make stuffing. My dad sets the table and then we eat. ?Anthony Tundo

Mrs. Hartigan's Class

Make the head, Turn on the Oven, Take it out of the oven & eat it. ?Joey Back

Buy a turkey at the store, cook it, take it out of the oven & everyone eats it. ?B> Olivia VanDussen

Go get one, cook it in the bottom of the stove, take it out, put it on the table & eat it up! ?Drake Wang

Go out in the yard and grab a turkey, put it in a pan in the oven, put on the timer for 10 minutes, take it out of the oven when the timer goes off, serve it & eat it. ?B> Paulina Legakis

Get a turkey from the store, cook it on the grill, take it off and put in on the plate & eat it. ?B> Joslyn Debruijn

Get a turkey from the store, bring it home and fry it in the oven, take it out and put it on the table, and everyone eats it. ?B> Demisa Casas

Get a turkey from the Market, go home and put the stuff on it, cook it in the microwave, take it out and eat it. ?Justin Nelson

Get a turkey from Meijer, put salt & pepper on it, cook it on the grill, take it off when it is done, cut pieces for everyone, put it on their plate and eat it. ?Marisa Antonio

Get a turkey from the store, cook it, put gravy on it, cut it, & eat it. ?Faith Delgado

Get a turkey from the store, bring it home, warm it up, cut it & eat it. ?Marc Henderson

Rot it out, put it in the oven, take it out after 2 hours, cut it up, put it on the plate, take it to the table, call Mom & Dad, eat the turkey. ?David Elrite

Get a turkey from Meijer, go back home, cook it in a pot for about 20 minutes, take it out, bring it to Mom & Dad and they will eat it. ?Ashley Cox

Get a turkey at the store, make carrots, make tomatoes, cook the turkey in the oven for 15 minutes, take it out to cool down, slice it in half and eat it. ?Elise Wills

Buy a turkey from Bucsh's, put it in a pan, put garlic on it, put some seasonings on it and cook it on the stove, take it off, set the table, and eat it! ?Lauren Wright

Click the turkey so you get it on the screen, put candles on the table, get some broccoli, get cookies and milk, take the turkey out of the oven and put in on the table, then it is time to cut it and eat it. ?Elijah Beasley

Get a turkey from the store, put it in a pan, flip it over, leave it for a couple minutes on the stove, take it off the pan and put it in a dish and eat it! ?Christian Iaconis

Go to Walmart and get a turkey, put it in the oven at 100 degrees for 40 seconds, take it out and cut it up, put on some flavored stuff to make it good, put it back in the oven at 50 degrees so you can melt the stuff, then you eat it. ?Gwyneth Schreiner

Go hunting in the woods to get a turkey, if you see it, try to shoot it and bring it home. Cut the turkey open, and cut pieces to put in the oven for 9 or 10 minutes, take it out and eat it for dinner. ?B> Olivia Shifferd

Buy a turkey at Meijer, cut the fat off, juice it, cook it in the oven at 180 degrees for 1 hour, after 1/2 and hour, juice it again, take it out of the oven, and eat it. ?Greg Jowett

Get a turkey from the farm, go home, bake it at 9 degrees for 40 hours, put some cheese on it, take it out of the oven, set the table, cut the turkey, put it on plates with the bone and eat it. ?Aaron Caicco

Get a turkey from the turkey store, put it in the oven for about 3 or 4 or 5 minutes, wrap it up, and save it for turkey day. ?Christian Chatman

Mrs. Pennington's class:

I eat turkey with a fork. Mom gets the turkey at Meijer's. She cooks it on the stove, really hot. It takes a long time. I like big turkeys. I play with my toys after dinner. My Grandma comes over to share dinner. So does my sister. ?Olivia Decoster

We eat the turkey at home. My Mom cooks it and we like it. My Grandma and Grampa and my cousins come over. My mom sets the turkey at the table. I don't know how she cooks it. We eat stuffing with the turkey. ?Julia Vess

Sometimes we go to the store and get our turkey. And sometimes Dad hunts turkeys. We cook it in the oven. Mom cooks it for 30 minutes, maybe. We go and play after dinner with our cousins. We eat chicken too. ?Andrew Young

My Dad cooks our turkey. He buys it from Wal-Mart. He cooks it on the stove for a long time. He cooks it really hot. We eat mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, some ice cream. When we're done we actually wash the dishes together. My Daddy does the washing, me and Mommy do the drying, and Brianna does the washing all the soap off. Then we like to play outside after that. And we have some fun. ?Angel Woods

You need a turkey. We go up north in the woods and hunt for turkey. Then we go to our home and we cook it. We cook it in a pan. We put a pan in the fireplace, and then put the turkey in the pan. We cook it for 8 minutes. We put salt and pepper on it. We eat fruit and popcorn and sugar with it. Then we go up north with our whole family and hunt down some more turkeys and do it all over again. ?Luke Haiser

I think we buy our turkey at Meijer. We invite my cousins and grandparents over. We eat dinner in the dining room. My Dad cooks the turkey on the grill. It takes an hour to cook. We eat peas and carrots and beef too. I like to go on the farm for Thanksgiving.

?Ben Currie

My Mom and I buy the turkey. She cooks it on the oven. It's steaming hot. I eat the legs. My Dad's mom comes to dinner. We eat rice with

it. After dinner I go on the computer and we drink our drinks. And I hug my Mom. And that's it. ?Briannah Selover

I helped my Dad cook the turkey. We looked in the woods and we shot the turkey. We put it in a pan and then we ripped the legs and the head off. We cooked it in the microwave. And then it was all done, so we invited my Dad's friends. My Thanksgiving was really good. I had thirds. I play outside and ride my bike after dinner. I had fancy clothes with a tie. ?Arian Wolak

We go to my Grandma's for Thanksgiving. All of my cousins and aunts and uncles go. We have bread too. My favorite part is turkey. I eat the most food. I don't eat dessert. After dinner I play outside with my cousins. We swing and run around.

?Ian Gesler

We buy the turkey at the store. We eat it at Grandma and Grampa's house, or at our house or at our cousins house. We cook it in the oven for one hour and 6 minutes. We cook it at 100 degrees. We eat a great dinner and we celebrate. We have mashed potatoes, and lots of turkey. We have ice cream after we have all the turkey. We play with our cousins and sometimes we play in the bedroom with our cousins and use makeup and nail polish. ?Bree Taylor

My Dad puts the turkey in the oven. I help him put it in the oven. We cook it on 48 degrees. My Mom takes it out of the oven. We have stuffing and mashed potatoes with it. I like to go to my Grandma's house for Thanksgiving. We play games with my cousin Sarah. We spend most of the day at Grandma's house. ?Jamie Debrincat

We have lots of food. We usually have dinner at my Grandma's house. She cooks the turkey. She cooks it in the oven for a long time. She makes macaroni with it. We bring doughnuts. I play with my sister. We go home after dinner. My favorite part of dinner is eating the doughnuts. ?Katelynn Harris

We have Thanksgiving dinner at my Grandma's house. We bring the turkey, Grandma makes it when we get there. She bakes it in the oven.

She bakes it a little hot. It bakes for an hour. We have whatever she gives us with our turkey. For dessert we have ice cream and pumpkin pie. I play Star Wars with my friend Collin. My favorite part of Thanksgiving is when we go to Grandma's and they are waiting at the door. ?Cody Killian

You get the turkey at the store. You cook the turkey. You cook the turkey a little bit hot, and you cook it for 5 hours. You eat salad and tomatoes and sausage with the turkey. After dinner you have ice cream. Dessert is my favorite part. I have dinner at my house. My Grandma comes over. We have a good day. ?Ciro Rodrigues

We get our turkey from Meijer 3 days before Thanksgiving. We cook it in the oven on 5 degrees for 20 minutes. We have stuffing, rice, and cranberries. Sampson, Duncan and Delilah eat the leftovers. Som*etimes we go to my Grandma's house and bring our dogs. We eat ice cream after dinner. After that we talk about the good days. ?B> Regan Gareau

I think they get the turkey from a store. We put stuffing in it before we cook it. You cook the cranberries, black olives, mashed potatoes, and corn with it. You cook it for 22 hours in a warm oven. We eat dinner at the table. It takes a long time to eat dinner. I watch TV after eating dinner. We have lots of people over, grandmas, uncles, aunts, cousins, si*sters and brothers. Cranberries are my favorite part. ?Danielle Thieleman

Mom buys the turkey at Meijer. She has to take it out of the package before she cooks it. She cooks it in the oven for 20 hours. We have turkey, corn and peas and that's all we have for dinner. For dessert we have chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream. After dinner me and my mom and my brother Richard get to watch a movie. My favorite part is when I go to bed and my mom tucks me in. ?Madison Stump

We have all kinds of vegetables. My favorite thing is potatoes


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