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November 22, 2007
Giving Thanks For Disposable Income
By Dave Zatz | Filed under Gaming, HDTV, Industry, Media @ 10:37 am

Ah yes, it's that time of year again. I'm told these winter traditions were once about family, related to historical and religious events. But I'm only aware of breaking out the plastic to get some serious shopping done.

Today, once referred to as Thanksgiving, is Black Friday Eve - when merchant circulars showcasing tomorrows deals hit - and in keeping with tradition, I do give thanks. Many specials have been leaked online in the weeks leading up to the big event, but what's new this year is that many deals are available via the web (as early as: RIGHT NOW) without waiting for that blasphemous Cyber Monday.

So what are we getting?

I started early and picked up Rock Band ($170) yesterday. I don't like the drums as much as I thought I would, but I prefer the guitar hardware over GH III ($100). Tomorrow, I'll check out the Apple Store online and might purchase the overpriced router ($180) if they shave a few bucks off. Speaking of Apple, Microsoft is offering one heck of a deal I'll put to use: Purchase any edition of Mac Office 2004 (as low as $125 on Amazon) and get a $100 rebate PLUS a free copy (minus $7 shipping) of Office 2008 in January. As far as camping out, forget it. We got to Best Buy (in upstate New York) last year before 5AM and the line wrapped around the store exterior - which was our cue to return to the hotel and get some more sleep. Tomorrow morning, I'll swing by Staples to make a play for the Navigon 2100T GPS at $99 (I've dumped my Mio dedicated GPS and Telenav service), but if there's any sort of lines or commotion I'm comfortable bailing and coming home empty handed. We remember the Cabbage Patch Kids.

Mari's doing her research using Retrevo and still loves those digital photo frames ― She's picked up a few 8″ Westinghouse units for family. Since her husband reads ZNF, Mari can't reveal what cool gadgets he might be getting.

Brent's still looking for good Wii games, and Link's Crossbow training which comes with the new Wii Zapper ($25) is on his short list. SageTV's HD media extender, due next month, has also caught his eye.

We all seem to be exploring new digital cameras. I say Mari needs an upgrade, but she's looking for her
GPS' are going to be hot items come Black Friday. Everyone could use a nice GPS and all these name brand GPS' have been going straight down in pricing. We have already seen Office Max and BJ's release what they have in store. Basically, Staples will be selling GPS' made by Navigon, TomTom, Magellan, and Garmin.

The first GPS Staples has in store for us is the Navigon 2100T, they aren't a very well known GPS company in the U.S. yet, but this model is selling for only a $100, and it's not too bad either.

Navigon 2100 is built with the same design DNA of Navigon's award-winning 7100 and 5100 devices ― and offers features that aren't available on systems at twice the price.

* easy-to-read 3.5″ screen
* 3D Reality View
* Text-to-Speech
* Intuitive touch-screen menus and stunning 2D and 3D maps

Next, is the TomTom One 3rd Edition. This is a really good GPS, and is at a very low price, only $125, compared to $130 at BJ's. Staples will also be giving out a $20 gift certificate to those who buy this! What more could you ask for?

This entry-level GPS device is similar to the TomTom One but adds the Map Share technology and "Help Me" safety feature. Map Share allows you to make adjustments to your maps and then share the information with other drivers. You can make the changes right on your device, save them, and then upload and share them with other users via the TomTom HOME desktop companion. Help Me safety function tells you where you can find the nearest police station, hospital, or car service center, based on your current location. As a basic system, you don't get text-to-speech functionality, but you do get the standard text- and voice-guided turn-by-turn directions as well as a 3.5-inch touch screen.

Next, is the Magellan Maestro 3100, which will be selling for $140, giving you a savings of $160. It comes with a 3.5-inch touchscreen, lots of POI's, and Smart Detour.

Finally, Staples is also offering the Garmin Nuvi 260, which is selling for $250.

Garmin just announced a new entry level GPS navigation system called nuvi 260 that is supposed to hit the stores this month and cost only! $500. The 260 differs from the other 200 series buy only adding the text-to-speech functionality. The rest of the specs are standard with a 3.5″ touch screen, maps of North America (United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico) and six million POIs. We don't have any info on the battery but if it just like the others you'll be able to get 5 hours of life out of it.

Nuvi 260 also includes a built-in picture viewer, calculator, currency converter, unit converter and world clock. The SD slot for memory expansion is a good idea but this $500 navigation system does not even include a simple MP3 player!!!

All in all, it looks like a lot of these


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