Monday, December 10, 2007


The holiday season should be a time of joy. I hope that's true for you and your family.

The reality for many people in Northwest Ohio is much harsher. It has been a difficult year. Jobs have been lost and are not coming back. The demands on charities are greater than ever.

The easiest thing to do is to just ignore the bad news. It is much simpler to walk on by the volunteers who are ringing bells or asking for your help in some other way.

Yet even the smallest donation of cash or food or clothing makes a significant difference. To those who have almost nothing, anything that is received is a blessing.

For most of us, Northwest Ohio is a pretty good place to live. So, go ahead and enjoy your family. Have a wonderful holiday season.

And I hope you find a little something to offer to the unfortunate people for whom the holiday is not much of a celebration. Thanks for caring.

TOLEDO AREA -- An accident was reported on northbound I-75. A metal portion of the DiSalle bridge caused a Chevy to spin out, roll over and hit a wall. Northbound lanes were blocked off at Collingwood but are now clear.

We've also been told roads are very icy in Fulton County.

In Northwood, police report they've had two minor accidents because of icy bridges and overpasses.

Oregon has had one weather-related accident. Perrysburg Township says bridges and overpasses are icy, too.

Wauseon Police says they don't have any accidents, but report icy conditions on their roadways.

ODOT spokesperson Theresa Pollick says drivers should be careful on bridges and overpasses because they freeze first.

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