Thursday, November 29, 2007

zoey zane

Emily Sander, an 18-year old college student who led a double life as a porn star named "Zoey Zane" has not been found yet. Police are still searching as of Thursday.

Sander, a student at Butler Community College in El Dorado, Kansas, recently signed a contract for an online website,, and told her parents about it during Thanksgiving. Sander also recently broke up with her boyfriend, because he did not approve. Many consider him to be a suspect.

A car that police believe to have been used by Israel Mireles, who is wanted in Sander's disappearance was found late Tuesday, hundreds of miles from where the suspect was last seen.

Police said there was no sign of the suspect or Sander and that she may have been the victim of a violent crime inside a local motel room.

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white hunter convicted of killing a Hmong man while both stalked squirrels was sentenced in Marinette to the maximum 69 years in prison by a judge who rejected his claims of self-defense.

Prosecutors said prejudice was James Nichols' true motive in shooting Cha Vang and stabbing him five times in the neck. He was recorded in police interviews as saying that Hmong people are bad, mean and "kill everything" and that "they go for anything that moves."

In court, Nichols, 29, turned to Vang's widow, Pang Vue, and said, "I am very sorry for what happened." She bent over, put her face in her hands and began to weep.

Reduced charge in family spat

A couple accused of kidnapping their 20-year-old daughter on the eve of her wedding pleaded guilty in Provo to a reduced charge and a judge ordered mental-health professionals to evaluate them for actions he called "clearly irrational."

Julia Redd, 58, and husband Lemuel, 60, pleaded guilty to custodial interference, a misdemeanor, capping the legal end of a family spat over their daughter Julianna's choice for a husband.

The plea spared them jail time.

The judge sentenced the parents to three years of probation and ordered them to pay $2,000 for the cost of a meal that was missed on the eve of the original wedding date.

Porn link in case of missing student

A missing Kansas college student believed to be the victim of foul play apparently led a double life as an Internet porn star by the name of Zoey Zane.

Nude photos of 18-year-old Emily Sander appeared on a Zoey Zane website before she vanished, and investigators were looking into whether her modeling had anything to do with her disappearance Friday.

Sander's brother, Jacob, confirmed that the nude woman pictured on the site is his sister.

El Dorado Police Chief Tom Boren said FBI and state experts on Internet crime had been called in.


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