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magellan maestro 3100

Magellan Maestro 4000 GPS Drops $100 On Black Friday

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0vote If you are looking around for a new GPS, then you might want to wait until Black Friday and buy one of these GPS' such as Magellan Maestro 4000 because of their uber-low prices. NaviGadget got their hands on some ads revealing the low prices on select name brand GPS units.

Magellan Maestro 4000

Smart, sophisticated and simple! Fresh graphics and intelligent touch-screen buttons offer a superior, precision navigation experience. QuickSpell™ enables you to enter a few letters to find your destination and even enables error-free spelling.

First we have the Mio C220 which is $100 off the retail price and is selling for just $99! Unfortunately this offer will only be around for 5 hours. Here's a description of the GPS:

Mio C220 has a very simple design with only one power button on top. All other user interface operations are taken care by the 3.5-inch touch screen. Speaking of the screen, it is easy to see even under the AZ sun - unlike what other reviews may say. Oh, and we should also mention that it switches to night mode automatically depending on the time of the day.

Other important hardware spec you may be interested in a sat nav device is the battery life. Mio C220 comes with a 1200mAh rechargeable battery that Mio claims will last you about 4.5 hours. We haven't tested the battery to its limits but we didn't see the battery indicator go down after 1 hour of driving at mid range brightness.

Next we have the Magellan Maestro 3100 for $140, which is $110 off the retail price.

It seems like the Maestro 3000 series is going to be step-down from the 4000 series but only in terms of screen size. Maestro 3000 series will have the same slim body as the 4000 series but will come with a 3.5-inch screen. This could be a plus for you though if you are more into smaller and lighter gadgets.

Finally, we have the Magellan Maestro 4000, which will be on sale for $250, which usually retails for $350.

Turn-by-turn directions in the continental U.S., built-in AAA travel information, including member roadside assistance details, 1.5 million POIs, 2D and 3D views, customizable address book, 4.3-inch WQVGA, anti-glare touch screen, measures 5.0 x 3.75 x 0.88 inches (WxHxD) and weighs 8.5 ounces.

All of these GPS' will be available for in-store purchase at Office Max
ALBANY — Having a little trouble making your list and finding yourself checking it more than twice?
Aside from fighting the long checkout lines, trying not to take out a second mortgage and refraining from drop-kicking the lady in front of you for grabbing the last Tickle Me Elmo (remember Christmas 1996?), choosing the perfect gift adds to the hassle of Christmas shopping.

For those who have found themselves having to scramble for an apology gift to make up for the horrible Christmas gift they gave their special someone, this Christmas season should be a lot easier.

Everything has a technological spin on it to make it easier to use and more convenient.

Kitchen electronics do all the multi-tasking for the stay-at-home mom. Navigation systems come with more pre-programmed points of interest for the dad who hates to ask for directions and teens can store thousands of their favorite videos and songs on cell phones, iPods and other gadgets that are no bigger than a credit card.

And there used to be a time when children controlled their toys and imagined the toys were moving by themselves. Now, imagination is no longer necessary for children to have real life interaction with their toys.

So the simplest solution to picking the perfect Christmas gift this year is to think about whatever hobby or activity the receiver does most and find the tool that has the most features and programs on it that helps them do so easier.

And if all else fails, gift cards come in all sizes.


• TRAMONTINA 8-PIECE BLACK NONSTICK COOKWARE SET or 8-PIECE LOCK-AND-DRAIN COOKWARE SET — For the woman who loves to cook but hates to scrub pots and pans, this set is the perfect gift. The sleek, black color and griddle are an added bonus.

• SUNPENTOWN 3-IN-1 BREAKFAST MAKER, STAINLESS STEEL — Talk about multi-tasking, this gift is perfect for moms and career women who struggle to find time for breakfast and coffee while on the go. It comes with a four-cup coffee maker with a reusable filter, a five-liter capacity toaster with a 15-minute timer, a nonstick frying pan and a baking rack and tray. It's breakfast and coffee without dirtying every dish in the kitchen.

• CONAIR THERMAL SPA FULL-BODY MASSAGING BATH MAT — Very ideal for achy muscles and joints. The mat lays flat in the tub with the head and feet rests slightly elevated. It includes an adjustable neck massager pad, dual back massagers to calm tight muscles, a footrest with bubbles, vibration, massage and rotating rollers, soft, comfortable padding and a remote control for various intensity.


• MAGELLAN MAESTRO 3100 GPS — For the man who travels a lot on business or who travels a lot because he's always lost. Features turn-by-turn voice and visual guidance. Just enter the address or point of interest and get voice and visual directions. Graphical interactive maps and destinations for the continental U.S. are built-in, and the full-color, anti-glare screen has a touchscreen display with night mode.

• DELUXE VALET — Ideal for the business man who can never keep up with his wallet or cell phone. The valet is the equivalent to a women's jewelry box, offering storage for cell phones, cuff links, watches and other electronics and making room on the dresser or desk. It also comes with cord cut outs in the back panel to make room for chargers and other accessories to keep his electronics powered.

• GREAT OUTDOORS GRILL CO. 34" SMOKY MOUNTAIN GAS SMOKER — No charcoal and evenly distributed heat makes this gas smoker ideal for the man who likes to let his barbecue sit for a while. It comes with electronic ignition for easy lighting and three chrome cooking grids with four adjustment levels to make room for the whole turkey, chicken or whatever else you have a taste for.

• LCD TV — In comparison to the price of a plasma TV, an LCD TV is a much better option and achieves the same purpose: give him as clear a screen as possible to watch the game with his buddies.


• GUITAR HERO III FOR XBOX, Wii and PLAY STATION 2 and 3 — If you have someone in your household in this age range then you've already been asked for one of the three gaming systems and you've probably been asked for this game. And it probably isn't a bad idea, there's no violence and of the 47 playable cover rock songs in the game you probably like at least one of them.

• TRANSFORMERS OPTIMUS PRIME VOICE CHANGER HELMET — What better way to relive a favorite movie than by wearing it on your head, talking like the lead character and repeating movie phrases. You should probably include the "Transformers" DVD just in case he or she forgets the words.

• HANNAH MONTANA ELECTRIC GUITAR — Young Disney fans are going to want to rock out like their favorite 'tween character. This is an actual guitar and can be hooked up to an amplifier for increased sound. Perfect for players who are just learning how to play.

• APPLE 4GB iPOD NANO — Just when you thought portable music and video couldn't get any smaller. Teenagers will enjoy the 1,000-song storage space,up to four hours of video and up to 24-hour battery life, for the long nights of studying of course.


• IMAGINARIUM DOLLHOUSES — The ultimate dollhouse that is probably equipped with more rooms than the house you live in. Each room comes with accessories and furniture.

• HOKEY POKEY ELMO — Young children can't seem to get enough of Elmo's antics. Elmo shakes it all about and turns around all by himself.

• THOMAS AND FRIENDS THOMAS AT THE ZOO — A table train set that takes Thomas and his friends through the zoo. The table comes with pullout drawers for storing the trains and zoo animals.

• MOON SHOES — If your child's insatiably inquisitive mind wants to know what it's like to walk on the moon, these shoes are an easy answer. The anti-gravity effects test balance and coordination, and may be this year's replacement for skate shoes.

• SPIDER-MAN ULTIMATE WEB BLASTER — Five-in-one blaster functions as a suction dart launcher, stretchy web flinger, rotating missile blaster, water shooter and a web fluid blaster. This definitely spells fun for any young Spider-Man fanatic.


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