Tuesday, November 20, 2007

laurel kagay

now everyone has probably had a chance to either watch Austin bar owner Brad Womack (and the newest �achelor?#41; in action either on ABC-TV or on any number of You-tube downloads and related sites.
Say what you will about the show: still ABC managed to draft the usual bevy of cuties to entice and titillate Brad. OK I�l admit the uber-contortionist �retzel?girl was a bit much for my taste. But it was mostly harmless fun.
But after looking at the girls, one of whom Brad has repeatedly predicted he will select as a wife,
I am honor bound to show you a picture of Laurel Kagay, owner of PEACH Body Botique in Westlake and former three-year girl friend of Brad�. Laurel is also a friend of my daughter Jennifer and was in Jenn� wedding.
Maybe I� biased but it� hard to believe that Brad would have headed to Malibu looking for love when someone as cute as Laurel was back in good old Austin; so hard to believe, in fact, that maybe the rumors flying around that Brad was text messaging Laurel on a daily basis while he was �ooking for a girl to marry?have some validity.
Even juicier rumors have Brad sending Laurel dozens of roses each day and asking for reconciliation as the show was promoted and on up to the first air date. Interesting, no?
Laurel Kagay am surprised he kept Solisa. When she took off her top and ran into the ocean all the other girls in the hottub got up to watch her but he just sat there. I thought that was a sign for sure.
Brad really seems to have a connection with Jenny (first impression rose girl). She's the first girl he really kissed and it seemed like he didn't want to get back up and join the other girls. I can't believe Jade actually went into Jenny's suitcase and pulled out her portfolio to show someone. That right there should get her kicked off the show. Do you believe that Jenny brought her portfolio to get ahead in the business or do you believe her story that she brought it to some Brad and the other girls what she does for a living and to show off pictures of her friends? My wife and I are enjoying this bachelor. He seems to have a great sense of humor and his honesty, so far, about the ladies has been refreshing. We'd rather have somebody sit there and say how "wacked" some of the things the ladies do are than to make excuses for them. Allowing for editing and being early on in the show we don't see much potential for a love match here. Of course, considering the overall track record of the show we've learned not to expect much anyhow. Sometimes we think the show ought to have a subtitle, something like "How Desperate


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