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dilley sextuplets

Dilley sextuplets
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Thirty thousand bottles and 20,000 diapers have passed since the country's first surviving sextuplets entered the world. Now, 14 years later, the Dilleys children are high school freshmen in Indianapolis and tackling many of the issues familiar to teenagers.

The Dilleys Through the YearsFrom birth, "Good Morning America's" Diane Sawyer has followed the lives of Adrian, Claire, Quinn, Ian, Brenna and Julian.

Parents Keith and Becki Dilley, who had tried for years to get pregnant before achieving success with aid of fertility drugs, have watched as their six children have transformed into distinct individuals.

Now the parents who once dealt with a dozen arms and 60 tiny little fingers that got into everything are today helping their children learn to shave and put on makeup.

Becki said she has no regrets about having six kids at one time. The trouble now is they are all growing up at once.

"I like having them all at once," Becki said. "The only thing is they're growing up so quickly. So, you kind of just feel like there's this little clock ticking down all the time."

Their once bustling home, which was full of noises that echoed down the hallways, is much quieter today. Becki and Keith said it feels empty sometimes.

"Keith and I find ourselves alone a lot," Becki said. "We come home, it's like, 'Where is everybody?' And I say, 'Well, they're not expected home till 11:30 or so. 'You mean we're like by ourselves?'"

Keith said he and his wife question what they should do in their empty home. But the couple can't always rest or have free time.

In fact, Keith said the exhaustion that accompanied the job when the Dilleys were infants and toddlers hasn't gone. It's only changed. Instead of changing diapers and packing the kids into the minivan, today Becki and Keith act more like a weekend taxi service for their children, shuttling them to wherever they need to go.

"It's changed," Keith said.

It's a different life now for the couple who raised their children without the help of a nanny or day care and who were strapped for money they couldn't afford a newspaper or a dinner out. Becki and Keith would often collapse at the end of their exhaustive days.
The Dilley sextuplets, America's first surviving sextuplets, are now 14 years old and just recently entered their freshman year of high school.

Adrian, Claire, Quinn, Ian, Brenna and Julian were immediately in the national news. They have been featured on ABC's "Good Morning America" and have been followed by Diane Sawyer since birth.

Now the sextuplets have their high school lockers in a row next to each other.

Keith and Becki Dilley had tried for six years to get pregnant. With the aid of fertility drugs, Becki became pregnant and found out she was having five children. Becki gained up to 100 pounds and couldn't fit in her shower.

As the babies were born, they found out that Adrian, the sixth baby, was hiding behind Becki's spleen.

It is calculated that while the children were babies, the family filled and fed 30,000 bottles and gave 13,000 baths. It washed 7,000 loads of laundry and changed 20,000 diapers.

For the children's first year, Keith and Becki took care of their babies without the aid of a nurse or day care.

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The Dilley sextuplets (Brenna Rose, Julian Emerson, Quinn Everett, Claire Diane, Ian Michael and Adrian Reed), of Decatur, Indiana, were the first surviving set of sextuplets in the United States. They were born on May 25, 1993 to Becki and Keith Dilley. All but one of the babies were able to go home after a little while; baby Julian had a small injury, but was able to come home after an operation.

The parents, Becki and Keith Dilley, started out as best friends and co-workers at a Wendy's restaurant in Indiana. They married and were looking forward to having a family. The parents tried to conceive for a year without results. Determined to have a family, they consulted a doctor. Becki and Keith found out that they had little chance of having a baby. After five more difficult years trying, the couple heard of a powerful fertility drug called Pergonal. They had already tried many conception methods, and Pergonal was reported to have successful results, so they decided to try it. As a result they got sextuplets.

The children are now 14 and are going to school at their local high school.

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There was a TV movie in 1999 about the Dilley family, Half a Dozen Babies.

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Sixty Fingers, Sixty Toes: See How the Dilley Sextuplets Grow, by Becki Dilley, Keith Dilley, E. Anthony Valainis. Publisher: Walker & Company, Date Published: 1997, ISBN 0-8027-8614-6.

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