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He won "Dancing with the Stars", has Helio Castroneves now won over Julianne Hough? There are all kinds of whispers that the sexy race car driver is now dating the adorable nineteen year old two time winner of the ABC reality TV show. Yes you read that correctly, she is only 19 years old. Helio is 32 years old. Hough was engaged to Zach Wilson and originally planned to marry on August 8, 2007 but has postponed her marriage.

Helio Castroneves Dating DWTS Partner Julianne Hough? (ABC)

Zach Wilson since has listed his profile as single on his MySpace site. She has also been romantically linked with Kevin Connolly of Entourage fame, who recently gave her a diamond ring and admitted that he is "actively pursuing" Julianne, although Julianne denies a romantic relationship.


Now it is being reported that Helio has postponed his wedding as well. On last night's finale Helio kissed Julianne and that of course has sparked whispers that the two are dating. Already this year Sabrina Bryan and her dancing partner Mark Ballas have admitted to a romantic relationship. Is this another love connection for DWTS? Did that cause the break up of his romance with Aliette Vazquez?

OK! Magazine has this online: "Rumors are now circulating that a romance, or even just a flirtation, with the 19-year-old Julianne might have been the final straw in the split. Tuesday night, Helio planted a big, wet one on the bubbly blonde, and all season long, Ali never stopped by the DWTS set to watch her beau dance ― though Helio defended her absence to OK! by saying it would be "bad luck" for her to come and jinx his and Julianne's good runonly is Helio Castroneves the new winner of "Dancing With the Stars" -- he's also a newly single man.

Castroneves told entertainment news show "Extra" on Wednesday that he has split from his fiancée, Aliette Vazquez. There's speculation that the breakup may have been caused by a budding romance between Castroneves and his "Dancing With the Stars" partner, Julianne Hough. The two shared a kiss on Tuesday night's show.

Dancing With the Stars Finals"It was the beginning of something," Castroneves told "Extra," "[but] it [the relationship] was beyond that point. It was time to let go."

Click here to hear Helio talk about his fiancée and his relationship with his dance partner.

Earlier in the season, the racing star pushed back his engagement. If there is something brewing between Castroneves and Hough, it wouldn't be the first time "Dancing With the Stars" has sparked an on-set romance -- or an off-screen obstacle.

In the beginning of November, contestant Sabrina Bryan confirmed she and dance partner Mark Ballas were dating. Last May, Hough postponed her wedding to ex-fiancée and fellow dancer Zach Wilson because she was too busy preparing for the upcoming season of the show.

Pivotal Win for Indy Champ
After 10 weeks of competition and surpassing 11 couples, Castroneves and Hough danced their way to the treasured mirror-ball trophy Tuesday night and upset the season's highest-scoring pair.

The two-time Indy 500 champion out-cha-chaed, -tangoed and -jived Spice Girl Melanie Brown to secure the crown, drive off with victory and end what has been called the most dramatic season in the ABC show's history.

"This has been an amazing experience," Castroneves said on "Good Morning America" today. "It was a big challenge for me."

Castroneves, who is used to using his head and neck while sitting behind the wheel, said he was worried about how effective his hips would be.

"In the race car, you do not move your hips and your feet," he said.

But the combination of fast feet and his high-octane performances endeared him to the judges and the fans. In fact, Monday night the judges said Castroneves had the perfect combination of dance skill and entertainment, taking the best parts of Brown and Osmond, who competed against him in the first round of the finals.

The win also was the second year in a row that Hough took home the trophy. Last season she helped Olympic medalist Apolo Anton Ohno dance his way to the top.

"It's been a completely different experience," she said on "Good Morning America" today. "I have said from the beginning it's not about me winning. It's about my partners winning. [Helio has] come so far and I'm so proud of him. We've said from day one all we're going to do is have fun and just do the best he can do and it got him the trophy."

The couple bested Brown and partner Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who scored high throughout the competition and received several perfect scores.

On "Good Morning America" today Brown thanked the fans for their support.

"I'm so amazed that America embraced us so much and voted for us," she said. "I am honored to be on this show for this long, truly."

Brown was disappointed to lose and joked about it by congratulating herself on losing.


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