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cari champion

Cayman's equestrian kids thoroughly enjoyed themselves in another competitive afternoon on horseback on Saturday.

The Cayman Islands Equestrian Federation held its penultimate national show at the Equestrian Centre on the Linford Pierson Highway.

Sixteen youngsters competed but only one of them was a boy, Joe Jackson. He came third in the Under�16 equitation event. Coached by centre owner Mary McTaggart, competitors were judged first on grooming and handling before pitting their skills against each other in an equitation event which included jumps.

Show steward Jane van der Bol said: "We had a very successful show with more riders involved than before. We had new handlers in the turn out class that have never entered a show before, like Polly Serrell and Georgina Stockard. They really enjoyed this class and I'm sure we'll see them in the ring at the next show."

The turn out class is judged on the grooming of the horse. The judge looks for a healthy shiny coat, clean face and ears, no dirt under the belly or between the legs and that the handler is presenting their horse properly.

The cross rails class gives young riders a chance to gain experience jumping a course, and for the more advanced riders to warm up their horses for bigger jumps. Sarah Fawkes was the only newcomer in cross rails. She was very excited to show her new skills at jumping and did well. There were eight entries but only four riders made it around the course, one of them was Fawkes.

In the gymkhana, Cari Nelson entered the cup collecting and bending classes in her first show. Van der Bol said: "Cari was a great help throughout the show handing out rosettes to the winners of each class and being involved. Many of the children also participated in walk, trot, lead and the more advanced version, walk, trot, canter, lead and the final gymkhana of the day was the obstacle course."

As a treat for the children, the instructor, Aileen Palmer, set up an apple bobbing race where they ride to a handler who takes their horse, they jump off and bob for an apple and then run to their horse and take it from the handler and then lead their horse as fast as they can to the finish line. All the children participated and it was a nice way to cool off at the end of a show on a blazing hot day.

One of the day's top riders was Van der Bol's daughter Ashley Scaletta, 12, who won the turn out class and got two other seconds on Rambo. Charlotte Hinds, 11, also had a good day, winning the equitation advanced event just ahead of Scaletta.

The final national show is on 15 December and from that the year's national champions will be determined.

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Atlanta, Georgia
Branding CBS46
Slogan Atlanta's Channel 46
Channels Analog: 46 (UHF)
Digital: 19 (UHF)
Affiliations CBS
Owner Meredith Corporation
Founded June 6, 1971
Call letters meaning We're Georgia's CLear TV (former slogan)
Former callsigns WHAE-TV (1971-1977)
WANX-TV (1977-1984)
WGNX-TV (1984-2000)
Former affiliations Independent (1971-1994)
Transmitter Power 2340 kW/332 m(analog)
49 kW/329 m (digital)

WGCL-TV is the CBS television station serving the metropolitan Atlanta, Georgia area. Its city of license is Atlanta and the station is owned by Meredith Corporation. Currently it is the largest of any "Big Three" affiliates (ABC, CBS or NBC) on UHF, and the largest CBS affiliate not owned and operated by the network.

1 History
2 Digital Television
3 Management controversy
3.1 Station timeline
4 Transmission tower
5 Current News Personalities
5.1 Anchors
5.2 Weather
5.3 Sports
5.4 Reporters
6 Former Personalities
7 References
8 External links

[edit] History
Channel 46 first went on the air on June 6, 1971. It was originally owned by the Continental Broadcasting Network, an arm of Pat Robertson's Christian Broadcasting Network. Its original calls were WHAE-TV, which stood for "Heaven And Earth." It originally only programmed for an eight-hour broadcast day. It also had a low-budget lineup consisting of a few hours of general entertainment and another few hours of religious shows per day. It ran only religious programming on Sundays.

By 1976, the station had expanded to a 20-hour broadcast day, airing cartoons, classic sitcoms, family dramas, westerns, and religious programming (including The 700 Club twice a day) on weekdays. Children's programming, westerns and movies were shown on Saturdays and the station continued to air strictly religious programming on Sundays until the fall of 1980. At that time, it began to run general entertainment programming during the afternoon. In 1977, it changed calls to WANX, which stood for "Atlanta IN Christ (X)." It also began offering more mainstream programming. However, it didn't air any programming that would offend fundamentalist/Pentecostal sensibilities.

The station was bought by Chicago-based Tribune Broadcasting in 1984. Tribune changed its call letters once again, this time to WGNX, named after then-sister station in Chicago WGN-TV: it took WGN, and added an X from the previous callsign (basically it was WGN + WANX). The 700 Club was now only broadcast once a day, before being dropped altogether. The station continued to air a similar entertainment lineup with newer shows being added over the years, especially shows that it would not have aired under CBN ownership. In 1989, WGNX started its first ever newscast, Channel 46 News at Ten, a seven-night-a-week, 10-11 p.m. newscast. When Tribune partnered with Time Warner to form the new WB Network, WGNX was slated to become the new network's Atlanta affiliate when that network launched in January 1995.

Those plans came to a halt on May 22, 1994, however. On that day, New World Communications announced an affiliation agreement with the Fox Broadcasting Company, months after Fox won the broadcast rights to NFC football games. This resulted in most of its stations set to become Fox affiliates. One of the stations due to switch was Atlanta's longtime CBS affiliate, WAGA. CBS needed to find a new affiliate, but neither WGNX nor Atlanta's original Fox affiliate, WATL, were interested at first. Fearing it would have no affiliate in Atlanta, CBS made a deal to buy WVEU, a low-rated station on channel 69 with the weakest signal of Atlanta's full-power stations in October 1994. Around the same time that the WB launched, another new network, the United Paramount Network (UPN), co-owned by Paramount Pictures/Viacom and Chris-Craft Industries, was set to launch, and with all the other events going on, WATL would have most likely become the UPN affiliate for Atlanta. However, CBS still wanted to affiliate with a station that people were more familiar with. For several months, it continued to negotiate with Tribune, who finally relented in November and allowed WGNX to become a CBS affiliate.

This move left WGNX with cartoons and sitcoms that it would no longer have time to air as a CBS affiliate, so it sold some of its syndicated programming to WVEU, which became the UPN affiliate (while WATL joined the WB), and was later sold to Viacom, which changed its calls to WUPA. As a CBS station, WGNX moved the 10 p.m. newscast to 11 p.m. and added newscasts at Noon (12 p.m.) and 6 p.m., as well as a short-lived 7 p.m. newscast, and more syndicated talk and reality shows. WGCL would add on a short-lived 5 p.m. newscast, a morning newscast, and a 4 p.m. newscast as well.

Tribune began to manage the station in tandem with WATL in 1996 under a local marketing agreement. In 1998, Tribune swapped WGNX to Meredith Corporation in a three-way deal which saw Tribune acquire KCPQ in Seattle from Kelly Broadcasting; that deal allowed Tribune to buy WATL outright the next year.

The station changed its calls to WGCL-TV in 2000 to reflect its new branding tagline, We're Georgia's CLear TV. It began calling itself "CBS Atlanta" again, then two years later readopted the "CBS46" moniker.

On June 20, 2007, WGCL's website underwent a redesign as part of a partnership between Meredith Corporation and Internet Broadcasting, following the successful testing of the websites of five of its sister stations, which had joined Internet Broadcasting the year before. WGCL's website was the sixth Meredith station website to switch from WorldNow to Internet Broadcasting.

[edit] Digital Television
The station's digital channel:

Digital channels

Channel Programming
46.1 / 19.1 Main WGCL programming / CBS HD

In 2009, WGCL-TV will leave channel 46 and move to channel 19 when the analog to digital conversion is complete.[1]

[edit] Management controversy
In 2005, WGCL's General Manager, Sue Schwartz, was fired after blowing the whistle on the practices of Kevin O'Brien, who at the time was president of Meredith's broadcasting group. It was alleged that O'Brien was telling people not to hire African-Americans at any of Meredith's operations, and said that the operations at WGCL were "too black". O'Brien also made statements about other ethnicities as well. O'Brien was fired as a result. [1]

[edit] Station timeline
1971: WHAE-TV as an independent general entertainment/religious station owned by CBN
1977: Callsign change to WANX-TV
1984: Sold to Tribune becoming WGNX-TV
1989: WGNX-TV begins a local news broadcast
1994: Switched to CBS (previously on WAGA TV 5)
1995: Became known as "WGNX CBS46"
1999: Meredith closes on purchase of station, renamed "CBS Atlanta"
2000: Callsign change to WGCL-TV renamed "Clear TV"
2002: Renamed "CBS Atlanta" again
2003: Renamed "CBS46" again

[edit] Transmission tower
WGCL is on the same tower, north of Druid Hills, with:

W04DB (4)
W24AL (24)
WATL (36/25)
The tower also contains construction permits for:

WIRE-CA (40)
WUVG-TV (digital 48 only)
WTBS (digital 20, analog backup 17).
FM stations on the same tower are: WNNX (99.7, newly moved from the WTBS TV main analog tower) and permits for WRFG (89.3) and WKHX-FM (101.5) as well as an application for a broadcast translator from Immanuel Broadcasing Network on 101.9.

Another tower about 120 meters (400 feet) to the west holds the existing WKHX-FM, WLTM (94.9) and WKLS


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